Email us: Contact form: TRAINING VIDEOS SOLUTIONS for COST EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT LOGO VIDEO AND ANIMATION RODUCTION Training videos are a large part of the UKBiz.TV workload, this is because within the Which Venture Group we have Quentin Ross-Smith our training and development director with over 30 years experience and the our on-line learning and communication system which is extremely video friendly.  Below are a few samples of companies that have had a requirement for training videos. UKBiz.TV We believe the workforce of a company can make or break any organisation.  Well structured and relevant training interventions are crucial for the efficient running of any business.  UKBiz.TV along with our professional teams within the Which Venture Group can provide solutions to your training and development requirements. Training and Coaching with UKBiz.TV ASQUITH DAY NURSERIES
Asquith is the UK's leading provider of premium childcare and education for the under 5s with over eighty nurseries.  We were commissioned to create a series of training videos. ORDER of SAINT JOHNS CARE TRUST The Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT) is a not for profit Charitable Trust operating 73 homes in four counties,  caring for approximately 3,300 residents and employing c 3,500 staff.  We were commissioned to create a training video covering a delicate subject.  The final video was distributed on DVD to every care home. OXFORD BROOKES STUDENT UNION With over 18,000 students the requirement for dedicated ‘students reps’ to represent the students union is paramount.  We were commissioned to create a series of training videos covering a number of different disciplines.  The videos, along with a series of questions,are being delivered through the Blended Learning Portal system and will run until 2013.
UKbiz.TV camerman
BLENDED LEARNING PORTAL UKBiz.TV WORKING WITH BLENDED LEARNING PORTAL Blended Learning Portal is our sister company providing a feature rich Learning, Management & communication system allowing training organisations the ability to ‘Blend’ their training without the capital investment other LMS systems charge. In this video we can see our Training & Development Director, Quentin Ross-Smith evaluating the poor service provided by the barman serving Quentin.  This is a great way of demonstrating and highlighting bad service with the ability of describing why it is viewed as unacceptable. Sitemap Within the Blended Learning Portal learning module we asked delegates to view the bar scene videos and then asked them to provide feedback on the service provided by the barman. Quentin Ross-Smith then used these evaluation videos to highlight areas which were good and areas which could be improved. If your business is dependant on delivering great customer service contact UKBiz.TV now to discuss how we can create bespoke customer service training modules for you. Please visit to find out more about our Learning, Management & Communication Sytem and how it can help you and your business.
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