Email us: Contact form: INFOMERCIAL PROJECTS SOLUTIONS for COST EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT LOGO VIDEO AND ANIMATION RODUCTION UKBiz.TV Whether you have a product to sell or you are in a service industry, the UKBiz.TV production team can help you get your message out to your potential customers. Contact us now: Television screen BCE & RILEY SNOOKER We are very pleased to have been commissioned by BCE Distributors, exporters to over 60 countries of snooker tables, cues and game tables. The brief was to create a series of short eye catching ‘Infomercials’ that would educate the customer to the features of the products and help the company win orders over and above cheaper inferior imports. To date we have filmed eight games tables and a full size professional snooker table.  This is an ongoing project as the company have a huge range and are always creating new and innovative products. Here we have a couple of samples of their games tables.
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