Email us: Contact form: TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS for COST EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT LOGO VIDEO AND ANIMATION RODUCTION Video is excellent at capturing the attention of its audience, and this is true in the training and development world. Video is an engaging medium and something that audiences are used to consuming all the time.  We all love stories. They appeal to people emotionally and help them reflect on their own behaviour and the most effective video content engages the audience through stories which are humorous, dramatic, or based on real life. A well placed humorous video clip makes learning more memorable; a hard-hitting drama makes you feel the emotion of the situation; and real-life case studies help bring theories to life. Video scenes showing the ‘wrong way’ to do something make excellent case studies. They provoke discussion and provide an enjoyable introduction to an exercise. Asking your learners to analyse the situation and what has been done wrong helps them to draw out the lessons for themselves before you show them the ‘right way’ scene. One reason why video is such a popular learning resource is because, with enabling technology, trainers find it so easy to use. It’s a medium that can be used across a multitude of learning interventions whether they are delivered by the instructor, the PC or the mobile device. Video offers you the chance to deliver learning 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s not just about getting a ‘one window’ opportunity to learn. It’s really all down to the creativity of the trainer – a feature that’s enormously attractive to a lot of people in these times of on-going budget constraints. Video works across all the learning styles we are familiar with. If you’re a Theorist video helps explain abstract concepts. If you’re a Pragmatist it can demonstrate different ways of doing things. If you’re an Activist video is the starting point to try out what you’ve seen. And Reflectors can watch, reflect and discuss.   Training and Development classroom picture ENGAGE the AUDIENCE ANALYSE SITUATIONS LEARNING INTERVENTIONS VIDEO WORKS UkBiz.TV the right choice for your training videos UKBiz.TV Whatever your requirements let the UKBiz.TV production team along with our training and development director, Quentin Ross-Smith develop and create engaging videos videos which you can use to development your workforce. Quentin Ross-Smith runs QRS Training (part of the Which Venture Group)
We have created a series of customer service clips demonstrating good service and not so good service.  Quentin, our training director has used these clips effectively in his training sessions.  We have now filmed Quentin providing his own feedback and are making this 15 minute DVD available to anyone within the UK totally free - no commitment or obligation to use our services. Who is it for? Any organisation who is reliant on developing good customer service can use this DVD in their training sessions.  Simply complete the form on our contact page with ’Free DVD’ in the message box, we will simply email you to obtain a delivery address - simple!   Blog leading to Blog 07932 005812