Email us: Contact form: PIECE TO CAMERA SOLUTIONS for COST EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT LOGO VIDEO AND ANIMATION RODUCTION Piece to camera can either be straight to camera, presenter style or interview style normally used when filming testimonials. Piece to camera can be extremely powerful particularly when non professional presenters are used.  When a CEO talks passionately about the business, the achievements of the team and the vision for the future they will capture the dedication and devotion of his or her team in a manner that email, newsletters or reports can never achieve. UKBiz.TV Talking heads can be a powerful and inexpensive video to produce.  UKBiz.TV have a vast amount of experience in this field, we can help and advise on presenter skills training and can provide an auto-cue if required. Contact us now: Crew interviewing man CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS
Video customer testimonials are incredibly powerful, what can be better than a customers stating to camera how fantastic your company is and the service you provide. OWNER PRESENTATION Who can talk more passionately or have greater knowledge of the business than the owner.  Whilst this process does not come naturally to most individuals those who have report a greater interest and increase response rate from potential customers, especially if the owner invites a direct contact with themselves. PROFESSIONAL PRESENTER Sometimes you simply need a professional presenter to explain your services or demonstrate your products.  UKBiz.TV have a core of male and female presenters we use plus we have link with a number of leading agencies. GENERAL INTERVIEWS Are you running an event or have a stand at a show, then general impromptu interviews with staff or spectators can be a powerful marketing tool.
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