Email us: Contact form: BLENDED LEARNING SOLUTIONS for COST EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT LOGO VIDEO AND ANIMATION RODUCTION Blended learning refers to a mixing of different learning environments. It combines traditional face-to-face classroom methods with more modern computer-mediated activities. According to its proponents, the strategy creates a more integrated approach for both instructors and learners. Formerly, technology-based materials played a supporting role to face-to-face instruction. Through a blended learning approach, technology will be more important. Blended learning increases the options for greater quality and quantity of human interaction in a learning environment. Blended learning offers learners the opportunity “to be both together and apart.”  A community of learners can interact at any time and anywhere because of the benefits that computer-mediated educational tools provide. Blended learning provides a ‘good’ mix of technologies and interactions, resulting in a socially supported, constructive, learning experience; this is especially significant given the profound effect that it could have on distance learning. With today's prevalence of high technology in many countries, blended learning often refers specifically to the provision or use of resources which combine e-learning (electronic) or m-learning (mobile) with other educational resources, also called hybrid courses. Some would claim that key blended-learning arrangements can also involve e-mentoring or e-tutoring. These arrangements tend to combine an electronic learning component with some form of human interaction. Students undetaking pre and post course work through the Blended Learning Portal GREATER HUMAN INTERACTION USING TECHNOLOGY Blending a course is far more powerful than simply attending a training course UKBiz.TV UKBiz.TV - the right choice for your Blended Learning Whatever your requirements let the UKBiz.TV production team along with our training and development director, Quentin Ross-Smith develop and create engaging videos which you can use to support your blended learning programme. Do you need a feature rich Learning, Management and Communication system then visit   www (part of the Which Venture Group) for a cost effective solution.
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