Email us: Contact form: INFOMERCIAL WHAT IS IT? SOLUTIONS for COST EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT LOGO VIDEO AND ANIMATION RODUCTION The word "infomercial" is a combination of the words "information" and "commercial". As in any other form of advertisement, the content is a commercial message designed to represent the viewpoints and to serve the interest of the sponsor. Infomercials are often made to closely resemble actual television programs. Some imitate talk shows and try to downplay the fact that the program is actually an advertisement. A few are developed around storylines and have been called "storymercials". However, most do not have specific television formats but craft different elements to create what they hope is a compelling story about the product offered. Infomercials are designed to solicit a direct response which is specific and at once quantifiable and are, therefore, a form of direct response marketing. For this reason, infomercials generally feature between 2 and 4 internal commercials of 30 to 120 seconds which invite the consumer to call or take other direct action. Despite the overt request for direct action, many consumers respond to the messages in an infomercial with purchases at retail outlets. For many infomercials, the largest portion of positive response they aim for is retail sales, making infomercials similar in impact to traditional commercials where advertisers do not solicit a direct response from viewers, but rather create the commercials with a goal to leave behind messages and brand loyalty that the advertisers hope will lead people to purchase their product or increase acceptance of the product.   UKBiz.TV Man on Stage - He would reach a larger audience if he used UKBiiz.TV to create an infomercial DIRECT RESPONSE Whatever your requirements let the UKBiz.TV production team develop and create engaging infomercials. UKBiz.TV the right choice for your Infomercial
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