UKBiz.TV special offer to networking groups. We recognise that not all small businesses can afford to have a professionally produced video which is why we have created our Networking Group Video Package.  This special offer is designed to provide a professional piece to camera video at a reduced price based on economies of scale.  We require a minimum of six people who would like to produce a video clip, or a any combination that results in six clips being created i.e. this may be three people who want two videos each or six separate clips.  We will also require a quiet room to set up our studio.  Most groups will be able to negotiate a room with their venue provider. We will film against a blue screen and will auto-cue the script. We would recommend the piece to camera is filmed interview style as most people would feel comfortable with this. We will import a logo and add background music if required. The final video can be provided in any format or we can host the video on our dedicated server.  A simple code will enable you to play the video on your website. The final video should be around 30 - 45 seconds in length. Special networking group price £99.00 per video clip (minimum 6 video clips per day) Here is a small sample of the numerous videos we have created for businesses attending networking groups and have benefited from this fantastic offer. NETWORKING GROUPS SOLUTIONS for COST EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT LOGO VIDEO AND ANIMATION RODUCTION UKBiz.TV THE BUSINESS CLUB SOUTH BUCKS We are pleased to be founder members of The Business Club South Bucks which was established in December 2010 by Nicola Marsh.  Membership of the club has grown steadily and the first year has been fantastic.  With a diverse group of businesses the Business Club will grow from strength to strength. The Business Club meet every two weeks on a Tuesday evening.
The Business Club logo THE CENTRAL BUSINESS HUB The Central Business Hub meets every Tuesday morning. UKBiz.TV - SUPPORTING NETWORKING Email us: Contact form: Piece to camera can be a powerful and inexpensive video to produce.  UKBiz.TV have a vast amount of experience in this field, we can help and advise on presenter skills training and can provide an auto-cue if required. Contact us now: Film crew and green screen UKBiz.TV Camerman Sitemap
UKBiz.TV special offer £99.00 per video clip. Wow - interest is hotting up and we are getting enquiries from across the region.  To help us organise a suitable filming day and venue, and bring together the required number of people, please register your interest in the form on the right.  As soon as we have sufficient numbers in the area we will contact you with some  dates and venue for you to consider.  Please note, you are not committed by expressing an interest and we will definitely not spam you or sell your details. When we have sufficient interest in a geographical area we will email you with venue details and start the process of establishing your requirements. If you would like to chat this process through with us please give us a call.
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