Email us: Contact form: DISTANCE LEARNING PROJECTS SOLUTIONS for COST EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT LOGO VIDEO AND ANIMATION RODUCTION The learning style preferred by most people involves visual learning. Unlike most distance learning packages we offer students the opportunity to not only read about their subject but also watch a teacher/trainer explain in detail. They can also be shown examples and demonstrations by way of filmed clips.    UKBiz.TV Stand out from the crowd, whatever your requirements let the UKBiz.TV production team help you with your Corporate Communication.  Contact us now: Putting I into Learning 3R EDUCATION An example of a project with which we have been involved relates to children’s education. 3R Education required a method of empowering parents to help their children with their maths at home. The solution we provided involved working with a numeracy expert who wrote and scripted maths lessons as currently being taught in school following the National Numeracy Strategy. These lessons were then filmed and to support each lesson worksheets were created to check the understanding. Alongside all of this there were additional DVD’s and support material to help the families gain maximum benefit. Workbooks & DVD’s created for 3R Education Professionals within the Which Venture Group can offer a full service to help develop your distance learning programmes and recommend the most effective methods to achieve your objectives
Distance Learning Material from 3R Education
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