Email us: Contact form: DISTANCE LEARNING SOLUTIONS for COST EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT LOGO VIDEO AND ANIMATION RODUCTION More and more people are both working and studying from home. The idea of distance learning is not new; in fact it can be dated back to 1728, when a teacher of the new method of Short Hand was seeking students for lessons to be sent weekly. Modern distance education has been practised at least since Isaac Pitman taught shorthand in Great Britain via correspondence in the 1840s. The development of the postal service in the 19th century led to the growth of commercial correspondence colleges with  nation-wide reach. The style of distance learning hasn’t really changed for many years with the learners being required to undertake study of their subject remotely, and ongoing correspondence being carried out through regular mail or via email and the internet. The learning style preferred by most people involves visual learning. Unlike most distance learning packages we offer students the opportunity to not only read about their subject but also watch a teacher or trainer explain in detail. They can also be shown examples and demonstrations by way of filmed clips.   Characters with book and laptop doing distance learning SINCE 1840s PREFERED STYLE UKBiz.TV Whatever your requirements let the UKBiz.TV production team, along with our training and development director, Quentin Ross-Smith, develop and create engaging videos to support the training and development of your workforce. Quentin Ross-Smith runs QRS Training and is the Training Director for Blended Learning Portal (part of the Which Venture Group), please visit UKBiz.TV - the only choice for all your video production requirements
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How videos are used in creating Distance Learning courses

UKBiz.TV case studies using video in Distance Learning Courses

Our film and video production services include the production of educational film content and training videos for schools and higher education and for private companies. Using video to help reinforce messages has been around in the world of training & development for many years. Very often generic video clips will be created particularly in areas relating to management or supervisory training. For example video is a great way of demonstrating the right and wrong ways of carrying out interview techniques, coaching, counselling and other areas requiring good leadership skills. We have used our years of experience, within the world of training & development, to produce videoís covering subjects such as customer service, creating scenarios within different settings such as bars and restaurants. The trainer uses the clips to engage the course delegates in a debate about what they have viewed and agree what makes good customer service. We have also created course summary DVDís, an example is a summary of a presentation skills course. The trainer has been filmed prior to the course taking place and highlights what the course covers and the important learning points that the delegates should remember. At the end of the course each delegate receives a DVD that they can keep for future reference. Some of our clients use video to train new employees as part of their induction or to reinforce standards or statutory requirements such as health & safety, fire regulations etc. As training video producers we have a team of people not only experienced in training video production but also qualified in many areas of training & development itself, this enables us to help and advice not only on your filming requirements but also how to get maximum benefit out of your training project. We would be very happy to discuss your thoughts and ideas and help formulate a plan and storyboard in order to fulfil your brief.

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